• Ternium is a leading Latin American company that manufactures and processes a broad range of steel products, with the most advanced technology.

  • Our mission is to create value with our customers, improving our competitiveness and productivity together, through a highly efÔ¨Åcient industrial and technological base and a global commercial network. Ternium is committed to establishing a long-term presence, through local development and education.

  • Ternium and its subsidiaries have 16 productive centers in Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Guatemala and Mexico.



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Worldsteel member recognition


Mexico appears as the second largest steel producer in Latin America, standing in the 13th place in the TOP-15 Worldsteel ranking.
January 26 , 2015

Worldsteel released global and regional annual crude steel production figures. The global index shows an increase of 1.2% (1662 MM tons) in 2014, in comparison with the previous year.